Thursday, August 10, 2017

2017 Still Life Competition: Final Paintings

The summer is still a busy season for us at Grand Central Atelier so thank you for your patience in waiting for the final photos of the competition paintings.

For those of you that are local or in the city for a workshop or holiday, join us in one week, on Thursday, August 17th for the final viewing of XII: Paintings from the 2017 Still Life Competition at Eleventh Street Arts from 6-9pm.

Congratulations and a big thank you again to all the competitors for sharing their spirit and artistry!

1st place: "The Milk Carton Kid" by Alex Venezia

2nd place: "Breakfast Still-Life" by Samuel Hung

3rd place: "A Creative Block" by Julie Beck

"Chelsea Morning" by Liz Beard

"Recipe" by Lucas Bononi

"Still Life with Sculpture & Dried Flowers" by Kevin Müller Cisneros

"Rebirth" by Emma Hirst

"Artist's Table" by Brendan Johnston

"The Poet's Table" by Rodrigo Mateo

Origines et Consummatio" by Ron Richmond

"Still Life with Shrimp" by Justin Wood

"Tarte aux Prunes" by Dale Zinkowski

Read more about the Competition starting with Day One.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Artists depicting artists

In the spirit of the painting studios (and artist friendships: see below) of yore, our summer resident artists have been posing for one another for the past few weeks. Free models, good company - what else can an artist ask for during the summer holiday?

Left: Nikolai Yaroshenko by Ivan Kramskoy. Right: Kramskoy by Yaroshenko. Source. They may have enjoyed their more generous facial hair while painting 150 years ago, but we definitely have better podcasts today.
Anthony touches up his grisaille of Savannah. Savannah, Jon, and Ananda paint and draw Jess.
Savannah renders Ananda's philtrum.
Savannah's preparatory drawing and completed painting.

Jon's preparatory charcoal drawing of Ananda.
Anthony utilizes paintings of the past as reference material.
Jess's painting of Savannah.

Monday, July 10, 2017

GCA Scholarship Winners!

We are delighted to award the following students scholarships towards their continuing full time studies next year.

The prizes range from $2,000 - $3,000 per category.

These scholarships are possible because of generous support from The Morris and Alma Schapiro Fund, The Alfred and Jane Ross Foundation and the Anders Larson-Toich Foundation.

Scholarships were awarded to the following students:

Rising Fourth Year Students:
Savannah Tate Cuff, Rachel Li, Dale Zinkowski, Kelly Foss, Mackenzie Swenson

Rising Third Year:
Alex Haskel, Rubin Gabeau, Diana Carino-Buitrago, Emily Denise, Eric Kerke

Entering Inaugural Painting Year:
Dan Bunn, Louise Anders, Anne Herrero, Ananda Fetherston, Leonard Ray Clark

Savannah Tate Cuff

Rachel Li
Dale Zinkowski

Kelly Foss
Mackenzie Swenson
Awarded The Anders Larson-Toich Memorial Scholarship

Alex Haskell

Rubin Gabeau

Rubin Gabeau

Diana Carino-Buitrago

Diana Carino-Buitrago

Emily Denise

Emily Denise

Eric Kerke
Awarded The Anders Larson-Toich Memorial Scholarship

Leonard Ray Clark

Ananda Fetherston

Dan Bunn

Dan Bunn
Anne Herrero
Louise Anders

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Still Life Painting Competition: The Results

The competition was fierce. 
The final day of the competition flew by. As the lunch break began the sounds of Eye of the Tiger echoed in the studios and to welcome the artists back for their final four hours we played Chariots of Fire. While the painters continued to add finishing touches and elements (an egg yolk, shrimp tentacles, a rose...), pizza was ordered from Slice, a keg was procured from our neighbors, Rockaway Brewing Company and bouquets of paintbrushes were arranged for the winners and finalists thanks to our friends at Trekell Professional Art Supplies.

The Competition Judges with the winning painting (from left):
 Tony Curanaj, Sarah Lamb & William H. Gerdts
As guests gathered in the gallery and the lounge, our three judges undertook the challenge of choosing the three winners. They returned to each painting several times, initially examining the painting next to its set-up. They first checked to make sure each composition had at least three of the mystery objects. They then evaluated the works based on the drawing, composition, perspective, light effect and paint quality. They also judged each as an overall work of art and whether it speaks to the aesthetic values of the classical still life tradition.

The Awards Ceremony at Eleventh Street Arts was packed and live streamed on Instagram.

Tony Curanaj thanked the artists for taking "the time to come here and do something that is incredibly intimidating...there's no safety net in what you did, getting in there, working from life and having a very short amount of time to do it - considering how long some of us spend on some of the work we do to get it to such an excellent quality. But hopefully we are all influencing each other to raise the bar higher and bring the artistic idea of what we are doing to a very high level. And maybe even down the road adding and contributing to society in a positive way -- so that our little part may be a very small whisper that could start something that could be very big down the road."

Sarah Lamb added that "every painting was exquisite and gallery worthy. There is something beautiful to be said about each and every painting - there were moments in each that were exquisite. The top three was the hardest thing for all of us. We went back and forth and narrowed it down and it was not easy."

The judges discussed and debated and ultimately reached their decisions. After thanking our team of competition monitors and staff at GCA, the winners were announced:

1st place winning $10,000: Alex Venezia aka The Milk Carton Kid
2nd place winning $3,000: Sam Hung aka The Postman
3rd place winning $2,000: Julie Beck aka King Chroma

Alex's Grandma was beaming the rest of the night!
The studios were then opened and everyone viewed the final paintings, set-ups and toasted all of the competitors on an incredible collection of paintings. The work ethic we witnessed all week was raising the bar inspiring. Congratulations!!!

We'll be sharing photos of the final paintings shortly after the July 4th holiday. Some paintings need to dry, get varnished and a few artists have decided to make a couple adjustments to their work based on feedback they sought out from the judges. We also want to take higher quality photos than our process shots. But we highly recommend that you come see the paintings in person. We'll have two more public viewing events during LIC Arts Open Third Thursday Gallery nights: July 20 & August 17th at Eleventh Street Arts.

In the meantime, enjoy the artists at work:

1st place winner Alex Venezia (The Milk Carton Kid)

2nd place winner: Sam Hung (The Postman)

3rd place winner: Julie Beck (King Chroma)

Liz Beard (Bristles & Coffee)

Lucas Bononi (Nollie-Tre)

Kevin Müller Cisneros (Mondavi)

Emma Hirst (Rupert Everton)

Brendan Johnston (Winckel Man)

Rodrigo Mateo (SNOC)

Ron Richmond (Dedalus)

Justin Wood (Mealy Potatoes)

Dale Zinkowski (Sir Mix-a-Lot)